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Software Development

Our approach to software development is software engineering capabilities, outstanding management process and equally important, development-driven organization whose people have a passion for thoughtfulness and responsibility. Kowa is where technology, service spirit and our distinctive values come together to create for the benefit and long-term value of our customers. These are the values by which we choose what we do and how we do what we have chosen and they are the reason why we are preferred software developer for leading financial institutions in Thailand.

Each software project requires:

- Business analysis
- System analysis
- Functional design
- Technical design
- User Acceptance design
- Software coding
- Unit Testing
- System Integration Testing
- User Acceptance Testing
- Project Management
- User and System Manual
- System maintenance and User support

Our development approach is based on standard of Project Management and involves more client contact during the development phase and a slightly less rigid adherence to design documents. This approach acknowledges the fact that in software development things are almost never perfect first time and allows us to modify the design to incorporate improvements according to customer need.

Solution Developers, our staff approach your project in a measured professional manner that delivers results. Central to the success of any project is having a clear understanding of the effort required to achieve success.

Our Project Estimation team can work with your end-users and project sponsors to clearly define the Business Objectives and business/functional requirements to provide you with an accurate cost estimate from initiation to on-going support and maintenance.

Kowa manager, assist managers any or all of these activities on your behalf to achieve deliverables that provide you with improved and streamlined business processes and reduced operational costs providing a competitive advantage in your market.


With one the pools of software development resources in Thailand, Kowa can support and augment your projects through outsourcing. Short or long term contracts can be arranged through an efficient selection process that ensures placing the right people in the right job.

Kowa provides specific skilled resources to clients on an hourly, daily or monthly basis. These resources cover every element of the development team including project management, business analysis, development, testing, and graphics etc.

Kowa’s outsourcing is distinguished from the rest of the market by only using our own staff - we do not use contract personnel, this greatly reduces the majority of the problems associated with outsourcing such as quality, reliability and consistent performance.

International Managing a project across borders has its own unique challenges. The potential for communication issues increase Exponentially with distance. Kowa understands these issues and works with a number of International clients on a daily basis.

Our method is simple - ensure that communication is constant and have process in place to measure the effectiveness of the on-going communications. Such methods include, sending Kowa’s Project Manager and System Analyst to work with the client on-site at various stages of the project or hosting the clients Project Manager at out site.