Our Work

Kowa designs and develops software for customers. The scope of work are relevant to all stages of the software development process for instance ,System Analysis , System Planning, Programming/Coding, Program Testing, Program Installation, Creating Manual, Consultancy and Training service to user.

Software Development Operation

Our customer's software system is divided in to several sections---Production, Sales &Marketing, Logistic, Accounting & Finance, Human Resource, including Data Transfer when its initial environment is changed. In other words, our work may link with all sections throughout the organization.

Position & Job Responsibilities

In general, we do not have a clear definition of Job responsibilities on the basis of position SA or PG. We want our potential employees engage in various task forces we have in the organization. Therefore, there is no standardized rule that the programmer is responsible for only software coding, or the System Analyst does not need to create or write programs. That means System Analyst will also be required to perform software coding, in case if necessary.

Programming / Coding is the process of writing the source code of computer programs by using programming language.


The employee shall be assigned to work in the company's office during the probation term of at least the minimum period ; after that the employee may be required to work at any other place or places, in Thailand or oversea, as decided by the company.

System Environment

The main system environment now is an IBM AS/400 using RPG language which may be used in only particular groups or businesses and is not widely known about or understood by the general public, but RPG is not much difficult to learn .However the company does not limit its system environment only AS/400, we use it as the main system in the present day.

Inexperienced Employees & Job Training

For employees who have never experienced in programming on AS/400 using RPG will received a first 3 months job training from the company during the period of probation (3 months).Therefore, in case you are an inexperience person, if you are interested to join in our company, feel free to contact us. However please note that inexperience applicants are not evaluated the same basis as the other who have relevant skills for our job, even though you may have any other background experience. Also, your starting salary will be established at the same rate as the salary of new graduate applicants.